Gaye Holud: Set Menu 04

Sku: CAT-GHS-SM-04

  1. Chotpoti/Fuchka
  2. Reshmi Jilapi
  3. Coffee
  4. Plain Polaw
  5. Chicken Roast
  6. Mutton Rezala
  7. Shahi Firni
  8. Shahi Borhani/Soft Drinks
  9. Salad (Mixed/Pieces)
  10. Mineral Water

৳ 550

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Boiled pieces of cheap with fine spice.

Reshmi Jilapi
Wheat baked mixed water and liquid sugar.

Milk, cane sugar, Nescafe coffee and mixed hot water.

Plain Polaw
Chinigura Rice, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Fresh oil.

Chicken Roast
Cooked Chicken mixed with gravy, fried onion, tomato, kechup with secret spices.

Mutton Rezala
Mutton with Onion fried, Ginger, Garlic, Chili & secret spices.

Shahi Firni
Chinigura Rice, Sugar, Milk, Pesta chaw with Saffron Flavor.

Shahi Borhani/Soft Drinks
Mixed Yoghurt, Cane Sugar, Green Chili, Black Salt & Others secret Spices.

Salad (Mixed/Pieces)
Round pieces of Cucumber, Tomato/Carrot, Onion, Green Chili & Lemon.

Mineral Water


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